Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between the desktop app and the online version?

Desktop App runs offline and can work directly on local files. It also allows you to have several documents open at the same time, organized in tabs.

The core of the editor has been redesigned, offering a smoother writing experience, and allowing unlimited redo and undo.

There are also features that are only available in Desktop App, such as permanent backup copies, more color themes, to-do lists, more customization options or word count targets.

What formats are supported?

Calmly Writer can import and export to HTML, plain text, markdown and Microsoft Word™ .docx. The application also allows you to export PDF.

What keyboard shortcuts can I use?

Ctrl -
⌘ -
Only in Desktop App: Decrease font size
Ctrl +
⌘ +
Only in Desktop App: Increase font size
Ctrl U
⌘ U
Only in Desktop App: Toggles underline on/off.

In Calmly Online this keyboard shortcut is used to get the HTML code of your document. To get the HTML or markdown code in Desktop App, use the right-click context menu.
Ctrl P
⌘ P
Ctrl B
⌘ B
Make text bold or remove bold formatting
Ctrl I
⌘ I
Make text italic or remove italic formatting
Ctrl D
⌘ D
Only in Desktop App: Strikethrough
Ctrl K
⌘ K
Only in Desktop App: Creates a link from the selection, but only if there is a selection
Ctrl 1
⌘ 1
Ctrl 2
⌘ 2
Ctrl 3
⌘ 3
Only in Desktop App: Insert a header (level 1,2 or 3)
Ctrl F
⌘ F
Search within your document
Ctrl O
⌘ O
Open document
Ctrl S
⌘ S
⌘ ⌃ F
Turn on/off Full Screen
Ctrl Z
⌘ Z
Ctrl Y
⌘ Y
Ctrl V
⌘ V
Ctrl Shift V
⌘ ⌥ ⇧ V
Paste without formatting
Ctrl Alt C
⌘ ⌥ C
Only in Desktop App: Insert comment
Ctrl Shift B
⌘ ⇧ B
Only in Desktop App: Blockquotes
Ctrl M
⌘ ⇧ M
Only in Desktop App: Turn on/off Focus Mode

How to apply formatting with markdown?

#type your headline (insert a level 1 header)
##type your headline (insert a level 2 header)
###type your headline (insert a level 3 header)
*italic text*
**bold text**
***italics and bold together***
> blockquote text
* bulleted list item
1.ordered list item
~~Strikethrough~~ (only in Desktop App)

How do I insert the images?

In Calmly Online you can embed images with option 'Insert picture' in the main menu.

In Desktop App you can both embed images and link them via the right-click context menu.

Can I create to-do lists?

Only in Desktop App: You can enter checkboxes by typing [ ] or [x]

How can I change the direction of writing?

Use the right-click context menu. In addition, from the Desktop App settings you can choose the default text direction.

Is it possible to open and save documents in the cloud?

Since Desktop App can work directly on local files, you only need to save the documents in your Google Drive or Dropbox folder (having installed some of these applications).

Calmly Online can open and save documents in Google Drive.

What is OpenDyslexic Mode?

It is an option to use the OpenDyslexic font in Calmly Writer, which improves readability for users with dyslexia.

How do updates work?

In Windows and Mac (since version 2.0.40), when you open the application, if there is an update, it will be automatically downloaded in the background and installed when you close the application (if the download is complete).

On Mac (versions prior to 2.0.40) and Linux, when an update is available, a notification will appear in the main menu. Clicking on the notification will allow you to download the latest version of the application. Once installed, if you had the application open, you will have to close it and reopen it.

Suggestions and bugs?

We appreciate user suggestions and requests for improvements. If you have features you would like to see added, or experience a bug for reporting, please send us a message to or @CalmlyWriter. Thank you!